REVIEW: Jill Lowe Lipstick

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Today I will review about a lipstick from Jill Lowe.
My mum gave me this lip colour because she said it is too bright for her. (hehe)
I was curious about this brand as I unable to find it.
Apparently this is a brand by a Beauty Consultant from Singapore named Jill Lowe.

Picture above is Jill Lowe. 
Picture from

Okay, back to the lipstick topic.
So,this is the lipstick that I obtained from my mum.

Advertisement taken from 

I know the picture above is a promotional picture and it DOES NOT come with a brush okay?
Haha, I can say the lippies does looks like the one in the picture.
Anyway, back to the story.
Here is the actual photo of the Jill Lowe lipstick.

Lipstick front view. 

Lipstick bottom view. 

Walla~ the look of the colour itself! 

Swatched on hand. Little bit only. Sorry. 

How it looks like under natural sunlight.
P/s: Yes, my face looks like an egg.
Focus on the lip colour! xD

+ Really nice smell! Olive smell~ if you love vege like me, I think.
+ Really nice and vivid colour.
+Easy to apply and long lasting even after you eat.
+ Exclusive packaging, feels like you're using a Dior.

- Not easily available for purchases.
- Newly applied lip colour may shift when you drink/eat.
(You can chapped yourself with tissue paper though!)

This product is yet to be available on the official website.
The only way to obtain it for the time being is only via its classes.
One day once it is available,
Why not give it a shot?
You won't regret it.
Trust me ;)

Ai Ai 

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