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"Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divine eyeshadow palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadow, designed to suit all. Each i-Divine eyeshadow palette contains pearlescent shades, which contain mica particles that highlight and illuminate giving an overall radiant effect. Available in a variety of colour ways, your i-Divine is waiting for you.
Oh So Special includes ultra flattering pink and brown shades that will deliver perfect results no matter the occasion.
Take your look from day time chic with matte browns and creamy beiges, through to a sultry evening look with shimmering greys and smoky plums.
For best results, use in conjunction with Flick It Eyeliner, and Lash Out Mascara for a polished, defined look.
Available in 12 palettes designed to suit every mood, and trend!"

Hello Lovelies!
Today I would love to share with you my 

This palette is just so freaking amazing and I am still loving it!
It has all the colours you need in one single lots! <3

If you are a beginner in make up, I highly recommend you to actually purchase this palette.

First Look of the Palette
It really has a special spots in my heart.
I first heard of this brand via online reviews and have always wanted to get my hands on it.
Believe me or not, the first thing I've wanted to get was the Blush! Haha!
However, I ended up getting this palette from Luxola (now know as Sephora)

It was like, one of the best investment I have ever made in my life and I have no regrets! <3

Plus, this palette is 100% VEGAN & VEGETARIAN! (Hurray!)

Here's the swatches of colour provided by the website :)

Swatches break down provided by Sleek's Official Site
The colours are pigmented and very smooth upon application which makes it an A+ from my point of view. Hee! Really!

I heard some says the colour can crumble easily but to me, it last for a very long time!
Swatches provided by Sara Hassan's Blog
Lovely and amazing colour isn't?
These eye shadows are just so versatile it can be used in different occasions!

So, why do I state it's a HOLY GRAIL for me?

Here's how I maximized the benefit of this palette.

I basically use:

Bow - For the inner corner of my eyes to brighten the eyes.

Ribbon / Pamper - Act as blushes on cheeks. Works really well! Like really suits fair skin!

The Mail / Boxed - As my everyday eye shadows, gives that natural nude everyday look.

Wrapped Up - I used this shade to fill up my eyebrows. Since the colour is really pigmented, it able to cover well without having to actually buy an eyebrow applicator.

The rest of the metalic colours can be used for dinner night or special function!

It's amazing how things can be done in a single palette isn't?

Here's a link to purchase it if you really like it and want to give it a shot too!

I'd like to gently remind you that this palette is freaking hard to obtain though.
It's always sold out on the site.
But hey, who knows you have the luck right? :p

Click HERE for Malaysian Buyer

Click HERE for International Buyer

What's your favourite palette?

Share me your story <3


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