REVIEW: La Splash Cosmetics Velvetmatte Liquid Lipstick collab By LauraG

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Hello again :)

Today I would like to share a review on 

This is something I ordered few months back and only managed to share it today due to occupied moments back then :)

I have to admit, these collections are seductive and gorgeous.

"Introducing the forbidden kiss collection, fall in love with 6 custom shades infused with a custom fragrance blend special for the holidays, enriched with Vitamin E to for a matte finish without drying your lips."

I bought two shades to have a try, which is the Exposed and also the Irresistible.
(I love NUDE SHADE in case you guys wondering)

Cute lip application :D

I find the packaging is really cute and cheeky at the same time. I mean it's like teasing you in a sexy way. Or maybe it's just me :p

However, I don't like the safety seals because apparently the glue stuck to the lip cap and left an uncomfortable feels and look. You'll know what I mean when you get one yourself.

The texture upon application was just the BEST!
I mean I have other variety of Matte Liquid Lipstick but I have to admit this one has the longest staying power compared to all my other collection.

It doesn't even budge when you eat or drink!
How cool is that xD

I'm having Irresistible on my lip!

I have to say that this matte liquid lipstick is something you gotta try. It's really smooth and long lasting!

Before that,
I bought this lipstick via Doll's Kill and they had free shipping at that time!

I suggest you to subscribe to get notified when there's free shipping again.
(Although be prepared for....)


Yeah, even though I had a FREE SHIPPING, I still couldn't escape the custom tax.

Wonder why?
Because the shipping itself cost RM480!

OMG! I had a heart attack when I knew about it, well it did reach in 4 days which is extremely fast.
But I didn't expect such delivery.

*heavy breathe*

I guess nothing is free after all.



Ai Ai


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