REVIEW: KOJI Dolly Wink Tsubasa Masuwaka Liquid Eyeliner

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 Hi peeps!
It's been a very, very long time isn't?
I know I've said in the previous post that I will do review more often and yet, *sigh* I failed.
Pardon me, I have been experiencing lots of issues that caused me unable to promptly provide reviews! D:

Anyway, I have bigger plans ahead and yes, I do have lots of items to be review!
It may not be the latest sensation or latest products, but hey, little review helps a lot of people decides isn't? 

For today's one is my HOLY GRAIL liquid eyeliner!
I personally prefer this compared to pencil eyeliner or gel liner.
I'll let you know why later on :)

KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner by Tsubasa Masuwaka

Liquid EyelinerⅡ Brown ¥ 1,296
Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka.
Big, beautiful, doll-like eyes are guaranteed with this Liquid eyeliner.
A soft brown to gently outline and highlight the eyes. 

A soft brown for a feminine finish. Create velvety and beautiful lines and flicks. 

●Outstanding resistance to water
Clings to the skin from the moment of application. Quick-drying and resistant to rubbing or running from sweat, 
water and tears. The colour won‘t fade over time, meaning your liner will stay bold and beautiful all day long.

●Slim brush head 
A slim brush head with good resistance allows you to create delicate or bold lines as you please. 
●Remove easily
A washable film-type formulation that‘s resistant to sweat and water, but dissolves away in warm water.

●Contains honey extract
Enriched with honey extract to moisturise and gently care for the skin. 


I have been using this eyeliner since 2014 and I have never regretted it ever since. Trust me this is only my second purchase, and I have been using it almost every day!

Amazing how long it can last isn't?

Here's the actual photo of the products for your people to see <3

The point brush tip is such a LOVE!
It's soo sharp and minimalistic that made me so in love with it.

I personally find these kind of point tips are so much easier to use because it can actually help you define your eyeliner shape.

I don't like to use pencil eyeliner because it tends to smudge easily (yes, even when it stated it won't smudge easily)

For gel liner, meh, I find it easily harden, and made it so difficult to apply after certain period of time as the brush and the pot tends to dry up.
Well, maybe it's just me or maybe it's because I didn't care for it properly LOL

Anyway, thumbs up for this eyeliner.

Okay, next!

This is the swatch colour of the eyeliner :D
How pretty it is? Hehe.
Well, I prefer brown in compared to black because black tends to make my eyes looks fierce somehow. Thus, brown is the better choice for me as it made my eyes look dainty :D

This is how it looks like on my eyes!
I wore this during the day and it stays on all day long without smudges or fade
(except if you're crying!)

So, in conclusion, this is something worth the shot, I mean compared to KatVonD Tattoo Ink Liner and Stila Eyeliner, this is a good choice. Why?

Because I found out that KatVonD's eyeliner was made in Korea and Stila's made in Japan.

Prove that Asian made eyeliner is the best :P

It's 50% way cheaper too!

This KOJI Dolly Wink Eyeliner are retailed for RM58.90 in SASA Malaysia but I bought it during sales for just RM49!

Well. That's a bargain I tell you :D


Careful with the counterfeit version!
The counterfeit version is using the old packaging!
And it's sold as cheap as RM10!
Thus, only buy it from an authorised reseller!

+ Does what it stated
+ Waterproof
+ Smudge proof
+ Affordable
+ Long Lasting
+ Easy to use

- Tend to disappear when you crying?!
- Hard to find as it available only in SASA and Watsons (some not all)


Ai Ai


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