REVIEW: Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Moisturiser

9:53 PM

Hi there!
It's been  a while since I last done a review, June seems like a pretty busy month for me.
Okay, so here's a quick review on Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Moisturizer!

I grabbed this randomly on the drugstore shelf because I was looking for something that gives me this "naturally pinkish fair skin" and it stated what I need. Lucky!

Okay, so here how it looks like as swatch on my hand.

So I gave a shot and wore it on a day where I don't feel like wearing a make up at all and my first impression was that it does help in reducing oils on face however, it made my skin break out so bad :(

I tried to wear it twice on different days but I guess it's just doesn't suit my skin.
I feels that it clogged my skin so bad that it caused my face to pop up pimples >.<

It was rather affordable which retailed for RM21.90 but hmm, not worth for me.

It does help in providing a radiant pinkish look but the consequences is not something I favour.

I'd say I will not repurchase this product and I don't suggest for people who have sensitive skin like me.

Take care!


Ai Ai


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