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Hi lovely readers!
Omg, first and foremost I would like to humbly apologize for my extremely late updates of
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Disclaimer: This is NOT A SPONSORED REVIEW and it's an HONEST REVIEW.

So I have officially ate this Tiffany Blue's Gummy Bear for almost two(2) months now and I can say I am quite amazed at what it did.

I am sorry I didn't snap a previous picture of my hair but this is my current hair at the moment after almost two months consuming this gummy bear religiously.

Unfiltered photo under sunlight

From what I have experienced, let me summarised what this bear was able to contribute.

In my experienced, this gummy bear does not actually helped in making your hair fluffier or thicker (or maybe it's just my hair genetic is the thin one's)

I can say it does helped in growing hairs!

My hair grow faster than normal pace upon consuming this vitamin bears.
I mean like seriously, currently my hair is at my waist length.

If you need a supplement in growing your hair, I am confidently saying that this Sugarbear Hair helped in maintaining a longer hair xD

Also, my hair feels much more silky compared to previous time before I took this gummy bears.
Although I'm pretty sad it doesn't help with my hair fall problems though.

Will I repurchase this Hair Vitamins?

I may not be able to get everything but I find that there can't be a perfect solution to everything in life :)

Hope it would be available locally soon!

Head ups to Sugarbearhair Website if you would like to try one ;)

+ Great taste!
+ Easy to consume
+ Helped in growing long hair at faster pace
+ Made hair feels more silky

- It does not contribute to making hair thicker
- You will still experience hair fall
- Hard to obtain locally


Ai Ai


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  1. Hi, i read your review as i was also happen to purchase this product now an got it a couple days ago but got in trouble with the immigration got a warning for unregistered product i want to ask how do you purchases its without any trouble by Malaysian authorities.tq


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