REVIEW: Lime Crime Velvetines in Riot

10:54 PM

Lime Crime
Who haven't heard of it right?
The rave about it started not too long ago.
Had some up and downs of the issue but I'm so glad it's all over now.

Anyway, my main topic today is the Lime Crime Velvetines in Riot.
The colour looks so good right? :D
Because it is. Haha!

I purchased this baby not too long ago.
The velvet matte texture was so MATTE and STICK to your lips all day long!
Unless you eat something oily, then perhaps it would come off haha!

It was USD$20.00 but I got it around RM100 for each!
(due to currency rates & shipping cost okay) 
Daym you! 

So, this is how it claim to be:

Looks like Red-Brownish Mauve Tone

Left: Bleached Swatch & Right: Riot Swatch

it appears differently on my lips :o

Lime Crime Velvetines with Natural Lighting
It looks darker on moi lips.
I don't know why but it was okay I guess.
Oh ya, best thing is, this lippie colour is an exact dupe for
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Colour in Bumble!
Tried & tested.

Oh well, I am sorry if I couldn't help much in reviewing this lip cream.
It's been a year since I last made a review,
gotta start slow baby.


Personal Opinions


- Amazing Velvety Texture!
- Easy to apply!
- Smells good too.
- Doesn't came off easily!
-Stay all day long!


-Relatively pricey for Malaysian buyer
- Kinda hard to remove. 
Need to use oil based make up remover.

That's all for now, I guess.


Ai Ai

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