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Today's my review will be on Benefit's Benetint Lip Tint.
I know this product is already on the market for so long but now only I had the chance to review it.
I love lip tint but was in doubt of getting one as I'm not sure on how to tint my lip well.
I always ended up making it look like it's bleeding. Haha!

Okay, let's get back to the main point.
So, here's the Benefit Benetint Lip Tint

What it claims to be is that 
"Our original rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof, see-through color for lips & cheeks that lasts for hours. Originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, benetint has soared to cult fave status. It's loved by celebs, makeup artists and gals around the world. Sheer & sexy on all complexions Innocent yet provocative Long-lasting wear"

Mine comes in 4ml size. Cute eh?
Actually it's good enough for my consumption as I'm not using much of it.

Shown below is the actual image of the products :D

So here comes my review. 
This size of Benetint is very very practical for travelling, like seriously! Haha
Also, the product has a good smell too!
Texture wise, I kinda feel it's not so pigmented.
Or maybe it's just me.

I ended up using it as my cheek blush tint. Hehe, well, it works better that way, for me.
And I am happy for it!

Looks like cherry flavour syrup :p

It retailed for RM55 via Sephora

+ Great smell
+ Cute packaging

- Quite pricey for a tiny amount
- Not pigmented

That's all for now.

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