REVIEW: Tarte Holidaze Lip Surgence Collection 2015

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Tarte Holidaze Lip Surgence Collection 2015

Hi there.
Today I am writing a review on my personal opinion about these Lip Surgence from Tarte!

Yes, this lip collection came out somewhere in late 2015 as part of the Xmas Holiday collection (if I'm not mistaken).

I have to admit, these lip collection are just plain gorgeous.
I mean like seriously GORGEOUS!

From Left to Right: Haze, Craze, Emblaze, Glaze and Praise

I couldn't remember the actual price of this collection but it was somewhere around RM130+-
Not a bad bargain eh? Hehe
Since one of it cost roughly around RM94 per piece, I'd say that was extremely good price!

Here's the look of it uncapped.

Colours are to dieeee for! :D

The matte texture is just so smooth! It is a soft matte to be exact haha
My favourite shade got to be Haze! It's the perfect Nude for me.
Not too pale, but with a slight hint of roses :)
These lippie has some peppermint taste upon swatching it on lips!

+ Good for value
+ Texture wise is really great!
+Gorgeous shade of colours
+Peppermint taste always an A+

- These shades are not available individually
- Limited Edition

These pictures are credited to their respective owners ya.
I wanna make a review but couldn't shoot a perfect photo for this collection so yeah.
Thank you :)


Ai Ai

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