REVIEW: ESSENCE XXXL Long Lasting Lipgloss (Matt Effect) in 06 Soft Nude

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Hi there!
So lately in my country there's been a rage on the famous MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy Shade.
I haven't done review on the Velvet Teddy but I will do it soon after this post, perhaps? :)

So, this post is actually about a DUPE!
A literal dupe, to be exact.
Tried and tested, like seriously!

So, what lipstick can actually be so similar with Velvet Teddy shade??


Essence XXXL Long Lasting Lipgloss (Matt Effect) in 06 Soft Nude

It is extremely affordable where it retailed at RM12.90 per piece!
Can you believe it? OMG! *cringe*

It stated there it is a lipgloss, but more like a matte lip cream, in my opinion.

Here's more picture of this gorgeous lipgloss!

And here's the swatch picture when being shown side by side!
How amazing is thaaaaat!

Personally speaking, I would say this lip cream is worth the value for those who are not willing to spend much on a lipstick.

You can get the 99% similar shade with just way way much cheaper value!

In conclusion,

If you really want to give a try on MAC's Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick but doesn't want to actually purchase the actual product, you can always purchase this lipgloss.
I'm not sure if it is available in your country but if it does, do give it a shot! :)

+ Good for value!
+ Dupe for MACs Velvet Teddy!
+ Smooth texture when applied!
+ Does not dry out your lips!
+ Smells really GOOD too!

- Does not last long lips, as the formula is not transfer proof
- Hard to get as it tend to sold out so fast

Alternatively, you can purchase via clicking here to purchase it! :)

Have fun trying! :D


Ai Ai

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